mission statement

The KLINGER brand evolves around 5 core values:


Expanding a business over generations requires a passion for excellence. It‘s our daily responsibilty to deliver products which not only stand the test of time but provide a global standard for increasingly international customers.


Being a 100% owned family business, KLINGER is maintaining a very flat hierarchy, ensuring continuity, direct communication and quick actions. Similar to family relations, we strive for sustainable business relations based on trust rather than short term gains.


As specialist solution provider, customers turn to KLINGER for development as well as in emergencies. Customer proximity and 24/7 service readiness are only two cornerstones of efforts to help our business partners run their plant hassle-free.


Committment to growth is committment to constantly learn and re-invent yourself. KLINGER understands the importance of emerging markets and has proved itself as reliable performer in all Sealing and Fluid Control market environments.


KLINGER companies operate decentralised in most commercial matters.
This approach maximizes regional considerations while maintaining a global network through regular exchange meetings and project participations.