company introduction



Aware that the reason to be of a company lies in its customers, in meeting their needs and expectations and faithful to these principles, getting their preference and extend its position in the market where it operates, the management of KLINGER Portugal decided to implement a System of Quality Management according to the standard NP EN ISO 9001:2008

The System of Quality Management implemented was based on principles that we consider fundamental for the continuation of our Quality Policy, such as:

Focus on customer: To understand their needs and expectations, improving their perception of the products we sell;

Leadership: ensure an internal working environment that allows motivation and involvement of employees in order that the company's objectives are fully met;

Involvement of people: motivate their participation, recognizing their work and making the best use of their abilities and skills

Measurement and systematic analysis: constantly reviewing the data that can provide objective information about the results and how to achieve their improvement.

Continuous improvement: implement actions, based on the results of the previous analysis, that will provide continuous improvement of company efficiency and customer satisfaction.