The KLINGER Group invest in Expansions Joints


The KLINGER Group Invest in Expansions Joints

As of 1 October 2016 The KLINGER Group acquires Politeknik and Intermetalflex


More than 50.000 pieces of expansion joints and 1.200.000 meters of flexible metal hoses are produced annually. Industry leading computer software and state of the art manufacturing technology are used to design and manufacture tailor-made solutions.


Politeknik is well introduced in Marine Exhaust, Energy, Steel, Geothermal and Construction.
Intermetalflex top four industries are solar thermal (het exchanger coils), district heating, gas transportation lines and OEM.


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Market Entry in Romania

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M&A Transactions

On October 15, the Klinger Group acquired Westad Industri AS, a Norway-based leading manufacturer of high tech valves for LNG, LPG and LNE tanker systems as well as LNG liquefaction and storage facilities.

"With an increasing share of world energy consumption depending on natural gas, and large basins as well as unconventional geologies becoming accessible through new extraction technologies, major investments in processing, transportation and storage of LNG and its derivatives can be expected. Westad is an excellent brand in exactly those areas and perfectly extends the Klinger Groups' success story as supplier to ship and platform builders in Europe and Far East, in addition to being located in a region which retains considerable upside gas potential for decades to come", says Heinz Scharl, CEO of the Klinger Group.

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