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A revolutionary invention dating back more than 110 years, Klinger Level Gauges serve to indicate the liquid level in boilers and vessels.

For Liquid Level Gauges, the reflex glass is held within the body while an observation slot on the other side allows clear reading of non-hazardous liquids.

In case of duties where dangerous and toxic liquids or gases are involved, major process operators and engineering contractors globally rely on Klinger Magnetic Level Gauges.

Technical Product Information:

Liquid Level Gauge


Magnetic Level Gauge

Magnetic Level Gauges

The Klinger Magnetic gauge is designed so that the liquid being measured is enclosed within a sealed chamber. A stainless steel, titanium or plastic float fitted with a permanent Omni-directional magnet moves freely inside the chamber and actuates the magnetic wafers within the indicator..

Hydrostatic level transmitter 
With a high precision, this type of sensors measures and transmits the value of the liquids through the pressure in the base of the tank.

Ultrasonic level transmitter 
Ultrasonic level transmitter – Without direct contact with the fluid, the ultrasonic level transmitter send a pulse of ultrasonic sound that will be reflected on the fluid to be measured. Calculating the time it takes for the pulse to travel back to the sensor and with the preprogramed information about the tank’s total height, the transmitter defines with high precision the level of the fluid.